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with Mountain Trotter, Giuseppe ‘Popi’ Miotti & SoulglidersYoga.


Some words,

not many to tell you what The White Side of Kundaluna is.

All started during MELLOBLOCCO this year.

Many days raining. But not only.

As well known with water all seeds get their nourishment, if lucky they germinate in spring, in summer they grow and in autumn they give their fruit to those who patiently waited for it. So does this week that we are proposing to You.

Our Aim is to give you from 23 to 29 of September, some reflection starting points, prompts of evolution, meditation, pearls of enthusiasm giving you the possibility to make experiences that you will never meet anywhere else, in a frame that our guides know in each little vain.




Yoga, but not a simple yoga retreat.

Thai Chi, YI PAN DENG, but in an experimental laboratory by Popi Miotti.

Rock, but not only climbing, also shelter, roof, perfect set for meditation and story telling.

Green, luxuriant and blooming all around us. Veggie and BIO the food we will share.

KUNDALUNA is not only the name of Andrea Barbieri’s Cafe that will give us the daily basket lunch and will host our chilling moments, but is basically the name of a double climbing route on the Waxing Moon Trail that we will walk hiking.

Up at 2000 m altitude there is a traditional cattle shed used by Melat, the XVIII century inhabitants of the valley, called Stalla Ovale which will be arranged for one night as a comfortable night hostel.

All the week you will have comfortable and familiar accommodation in TANA dell’ORSO B&B, and healthy dinners at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna.


If you want to know more about the week’s program and details, we are willing to tell you personally and with our energy all the information you need.


Alessia,Popi, Giovanni, Andrea



kundaluna_completo M



in collaborazione con Mountain Trotter, Giuseppe ‘Popi’ Miotti e SoulglidersYoga.


Qualche parola,

ma non molte per spiegarvi il progetto The White Side of Kundaluna.

Era il Melloblocco, e pioveva.

Ma non solo.

Si sa, con la pioggia i semi si nutrono e con un po’ di fortuna a primavera germogliano, in estate crescono e con i primi giorni dell’autunno regalano il loro frutto a chi li stava aspettando. Così è successo con questa settimana che vi proponiamo.

Il nostro intento è quello dal 23 al 29 settembre di darvi energici spunti di riflessione, di evoluzione, di entusiasmo. Di permettervi di fare delle esperienze che difficilmente incontrerete altrove, in una cornice molto più che suggestiva che le nostre guide conoscono in ogni sua venatura.




Yoga, ma non un semplice ritiro di yoga.

Tai Chi, YI PAN DENG, ma in un laboratorio sperimentale a cura di Popi Miotti.

Roccia, non solo per scalare, ma anche come giaciglio, riparo, tetto, luogo di meditazione e racconti.

Verde, vivo e rigoglioso attorno a noi. Verde, vegetariano e biologico nel cibo che convivialmente condivideremo in quei giorni.

KUNDALUNA, oltre al nome del locale che ci ospiterà in ogni attimo libero e che ci fornirà i basket lunch giornalieri, è il nome in gergo della combinazione di due vie di scalata: Kundalini e Luna Nascente che si possono fare in successione salendo per il sentiero che noi percorreremo a piedi. A 2000m si trova la Stalla Ovale, un riparo per i bovini che i Melat portavano in alpeggio un secolo fa e che sarà preparato a comodo giaciglio per accoglierci una notte.

Tutta la settimana sarete ospiti del B&B la Tana dell’Orso, una sistemazione nuova, familiare e cenerete al Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna.


Siamo a Vs completa disposizione per raccontarvi in maniera personale e con la nostra energia di che cosa si tratta.


Alessia, Popi, Giovanni, Andrea

MelloBlocked or MelloUnblocked with Yoga?


Melloblocco is a date that every year involves non only boulder lovers but all kind of climbers.


On Thursday 25 April I got the confirmation by MelloStaff that I can run a Yoga Corner for climbers into the gym.


The weather forecast told that a whole week of bad weather was coming. Mah, maybe climber will be more motivated to practice yoga also!

For me is at the same time a new challenge and an opportunity.

On 26 I carried all my stuff, yoga mats, (and tellie skis) on the Van and I traveled to Val Masino,

one of the side valleys of Valtellina.

At my arrival, late at night, I was so suprised by the chilling surrounding I met!

And so nice people. In Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna, her owner Iris is running out all welcome affairs for the guest, the bar is full of people and after a while we are all called out in the garden to light some Chinese lamps.


So my starting at Melloblocco was so early pointed by tiny lights in the night. Such a good sign.

lanterne cinesi

Photo by © Klaus Dell’Orto. Pubblicata su

Weather forecast unfortunately were right, it rained for many many days with almost no iteruprion.

The Block judges, and above all Davide Spini the Head Judge of the competition, worked a lot to cover all the most accessible block to make competing possible.

But among one drop and another, Monday and Tuesday, with a perfect GLIDING approach I got some moments to deepen my knowledge in climbing movements and to adapt yoga practice ad a perfect pre-climb warm up.



This is the way climbers warm up! Here there is Riccardo Caprasecca, 
sponsored by Moon and Wild Climb, during one of the many rainy days, 
working with Alessia Monticone on yoga and climbing movements.

The magical atmosphere was really a big opportunity for international exchanges.


Mellobloccati from all over the world.


@ Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna. Filorera.

 Afternoon practice with the alpine guides and Melloblocco Staff. Giovanni Ongaro, alpine guide, Nicola, Stef e Philippe Ribiere, pro climber took part.

Yoga, some funny party in Kundaluna, rain and a lot of gratitude:

to the Valley, that welcomed us


to Iris, Stefano, Davide, Silvia, Fabio, Simone, Edoardo, Vinicio, Irene, Andrea, Riccardo, Giovanni, Stef, and all who joined us in yoga classes.


Each event, each meeting, each new friendship is a stone on which Soulgliders build up it’s experience.






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