SGY Yoga on Stand Up Paddles

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Did you ever try Stand Up Paddles?

Those very big boards, not longboards, not only surfboards, good buoyancy which you can comfortable stand up on?

Do you love sunrise paddling, on sunset sessions in the lake?

Do you usually practice yoga? Or are you just curious to try it once?

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Ph Shaka

Ok, this summer SGY is doing it’s best to communicate this new water approach to yoga

and giving an answer to all these questions.

Yoga Classes on SUP will be available



SATURDAY and SUNDAY 10.00 TO 11.00*

and SATURDAY AFTERNOON * in Malcesine


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Ph Christian Parolari

SUP YOGA practice consists in a warm up we will do on land, learning some movements as Sun Salutation and trying Asanas (Positions) and sequences we will do again on the SUP in the lake.

All classes end with a relaxation session in which you will be lulled by water movement and you will focus on body sensations getting used to let them go.


Ph Christian Parolari


It is very important coming at the class with no breakfast and we recommend you to be careful with the sun: wear sun glasses (with a leash not to loose them in the water), sun blocks or whatever you need.

So please call or text the Sup Yoga Teacher Alessia Monticone at

+39 347 1464158

or e-mail at

if you want to try or if you have any doubt or questions.

* Due to the specific practice into the lake, each class depends for the timetable to weather forecast, so we suggest to call or text the teacher or the surfing school for confirmation.


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