SGY Valsesia River Experience


On 25-26 May SGY was for the first time in Valsesia hosted by Eddy Line School for this new proposal:

Yoga and River Experience.
The weather was clement to us, but climate temperature was less. On Saturday night we were at 3° C!

Such a cool spring!

Anyway the Sesia river, so cold, but crystalline was perfect to us

and our first experience with rafting.

Saturday morning a frozen but perfectly synchronized team we were with Eddy Line Guides rafting down the river.

In the afternoon we had a little and warmer yoga session in the guest house.


PH Eddy Line


And finally at night we had dinner with the Chilean Asado (also vegetarian) by the Patagonic guides of the school, before going to see many interesting documentaries at

the Video Festival

which each year gathers many kayak and canoe amateur and professional.

valsesia canoa logo

During the night the super Kayak Party Fever by Gene17 sounded and heated the cold people that were at the base camp.

On Sunday morning we decided for a land experience and by mountain bike we went from the base camp to Alagna and after coming back we had a looooong yoga chilling session with Skadi Girls and Filippo.


This is about what you can expect from a Valsesia week end organized by Soulgliders

with Eddy Line:

fun, friends, observing your sensations, meeting the river, practice and some meditation techinique.

Hope you will enjoy!


- In the mountains alway bring with you techinc clothes,hard shell and a down jacket, it’s so light!

- For the river activities (Rafting, Canyoning, AcquaSpeed) you need a dedicated pair of shoes, so bring always a change.

- If you will sleep in the guest house, you will need your Sleeping bag, pillow case, towels, and all you need as you were in a camping.

BUT if you would like more comfort in your week end, we have some  B&B with contracted rates

- At EddyLine Cafè you will eat S U P E R   W E L L, and the couple who run the restaurant staff are so nice!

All Eddy Line Staff is professional and kind, so get ready for diving into River Sesia and this cute Piedmont- South American atmosphere!

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